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You Can Play The ‘Present Wrapping War’ Game With Your Entire Family This Holiday Season

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I first learned about these wrapping wars when my friend posted a picture on Facebook of the gift she was wrapping for her fiance.

Courtesy of Shannon Hancock on Facebook

It. Was. Hilarious. She started by wrapping the thing all in duct tape. Have you ever tried to undo duct tape? Ha! You need scissors.

But, she didn’t stop there. She totally secured zip ties around the gift. Ha! Not just one or two zip ties. She did up the wrapped gift nicely from all sides.

Courtesy of Shannon Hancock on Facebook

Y’all. I would have stopped there. Not her. She actually nailed — NAILED — a wood frame around the gift. Dude. Her fiance is going to need a hammer and scissors to open this thing. I hope it’s worth it! LOL!!

Courtesy of Shannon Hancock on Facebook

I was curious to see if these wrapping wars were a thing, so of course, I took to Instagram to find out. Y’ALL!! Other people are doing them, too!!


People are wrapping their gifts in every shape and size — with LOTS of duct tape! I absolutely love it!!


I totally want to rewrap all my gifts, and do it this way! My famiy is going to hate me. Ha!!


The more zip ties the better, AMIRITE?!? Bahahaha! I’m dying. This is hilarious.


If you want to play a fun Christmas game that involves unwrapping skills, you totally have to check out this Saran Wrap Christmas Game!! Get ready for lots of fun and laughter!!

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