Here’s Why You Should Never Use Fake Spiderweb to Decorate for Halloween

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Have you ever drove past a neighborhood during October and saw houses covered in fake spiderweb?

While it’s not uncommon to see homeowners decorate their houses with fake cobwebs, you may want to rethink using this material to garnish the outside of your home…

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Thanks to a recent PSA that was shared to the Facebook group, Pollinator Friendly Yards (and other websites that have spoken on the dangers of fake spiderweb), here’s why you should omit using the seasonal decor.

The viral post, which talked about how harmful the decorative material can be to animals, explained that the very material that’s commonly used to decorate for Halloween can trap and kill animals.

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The PSA which has totaled almost 20k shares mentions that the packaged decor sold at most retailers for less than ten dollars can kill small birds such as the Hummingbird.

The decor that wraps the exteriors of homes or bushes in the front of the house can even be deadly for bees and monarch butterflies too.

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Wildcare, an organization in California that treats the medical needs for injured wildlife posted an online pamphlet that emphasized the dangers of the common house decor.

The team over at Wildcare mentioned a pigeon being treated for a swollen foot after getting caught in the fake spiderweb, and an even owl that unfortunately got snagged in the decor as well.

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The organization urges individuals who decorate the outside of their homes on Halloween to avoid using fake spiderweb or other decorations made of entangling fibers because wild animals can easily become trapped.

The website also mentions a few other Halloween decorations that you should not use to decorate for the Halloween season which you can read more about here.

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So in order to keep wildlife safe during every Halloween season, refrain from using fake spiderweb or other decorations made of entangling fibers and most importantly, remember to spread the word!

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