Starbucks Released Mermaid/Siren Cups To Celebrate Their Anniversary

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Be prepared to swim to your local Starbucks.

Starbucks Released Mermaid/Siren Cups To Celebrate Their Anniversary and I want them all because they are GORGEOUS!

By the way, I say Mermaid/Siren because the original Starbucks logo is of a twin-tailed mermaid or siren and some people call it a siren, while others call it a mermaid.


Every year Starbucks releases a new Mermaid/Siren collection to celebrate their anniversary. They will release cups along with anniversary packages of Starbucks coffee.

They even have the anniversary themed gift cards which are just cool to have!

And apparently, people are coming across all of these in-store RIGHT NOW.


While I can’t find much about these cups online, people are actively posting these finds on social media as of a few days ago!


This collection also launched earlier this year with the US and Asia but seems to be back once again. So, if you missed out before, make sure you check your local Starbucks locations now.


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  1. I respect all your opinions and you might be right and you might be wrong in others eyes but my in my opinion if you dont like Starbucks then its simple dont go there and dont go on a page that is promoting their products .

  2. I think it’s so sad ? that they put these cups for sale . Yet only employees purchase them because who sells out by 5 o’clock in morning. that’s when they open . This really gets me because I was trying to look for the new cups yet everywhere I went in our town they were sold by 5 o’clock am I think they don’t have enough cups or they shouldn’t even let their employees purchase them until customers buy them .

    1. I’m am a barista and truthfully it is the customers that come in and buy the cups as soon as we open. Last weekend when the studded black cups were put out the third customer of the day bought 3 of them and my store had only received 4. I can’t speak for all stores because I only work in one city but knowing as many baristas as I do and from conversations had about the “hype” of cups we don’t understand and have better things to spend our money of! We don’t get paid enough to buy all the cups that come out !!!

    2. As a Starbucks partner I can tell you we don’t buy all of them crazy people come out for launches and buy us out at 5am so they can upsell these productous at a outrageous price most of the time I can’t even get my hands on things such as studded cups

  3. She is neither a mermaid nor siren. The logo is based on the Pagan goddess Melusine, a twin-tailed mermaid fairy of sorts.

  4. They’re only doing this because of a lawsuit they’re involved in. See other commenter. It’s a RIP-off.

  5. Because they are suing a local company for the rights to the words siren and mermaid. Starbucks is a trash company. Look up mountains & mermaids it’s an Alaskan company.

    1. I do believe you’ve seen though the Starbucks Charade ??…….
      This mammoth company seeks to drown M&M….. a small but growing mother and daughter owned business that has taken hold not only in AK but in the lower 48 as well as abroad ……
      Their graphic designs are breath taking and their message is clear :
      A SIREN needs her morning coffee before sinking ships and drowning men ……. STARBUCKS COFFEE NOR THEIR ATTEMPT AT DESIGN CAN HOLD A CANDLE TO THE QUALITY PUT FORTH BY M&M…… bulling, intimidation ,and mega $’s doesn’t sit well when it comes to the attention of the consumer ……
      Be careful , Starbucks …… this doesn’t look well concerning your intent

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