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There’s A Secret Website That Tells You Which McDonald’s Have Working Ice Cream Machines and Which Ones Don’t

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I think I may have just learned about the holy grail of all websites…

If you are a fan of McDonald’s ice cream you know that when the craving strikes, chances are, the McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken.

Well, you’ll NEVER have to worry about that again because there is a secret website that will tell you which McDonald’s ice cream machines are working and which ones aren’t before you head there…

Now, I have to give credit where it’s due – genius TikToker jordan_the_stallion8 shares all sorts of McDonald’s secrets and this time, he’s helping us get that creamy, dreamy McDonald’s ice cream.

In a recent TikTok, Jordan shares that McDonald’s has now contacted him wondering where he gets all of their secrets.

He then says he replied telling them that he hasn’t even shared the details about “THE WEBSITE”.

Yep – the website he is referring to is the same website that will tell you which McDonald’s ice cream machines are working.

He also claims that if you head to that McDonald’s on the website and the ice cream machine is not working, you can tell them it’s false advertising and they will give you a free ice cream.

Now, it will be up to each location to honor that but hey, it’s worth knowing, right?

The website also has a great name – it’s called McBroken. LOL!

You can view the McDonald’s ice cream machine website here.

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