Coca-Cola Is Making Alcoholic Fresca Cocktails So You Always Have The Perfect Mixed Drink

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I don’t drink often but when I do, I drink fruity things. I am not a beer kind of girl at all.


That is why as soon as I heard the fantastic news that Coca-Cola is making Alcoholic Fresca, I knew I wanted in!

According to reports, Coca-Cola and Corona brewer Constellation Brands are teaming up to create alcoholic Fresca cocktails.


You know when you have a hard liquor and you want to mix it with something bubbly, refreshing and fruity? Well, this is basically going to be all of that pre-made in one can.


The original grapefruit flavor is my personal favorite (it’s hard to find these days) so I cannot wait to give this a try!

“The Coca-Cola Company’s FRESCA brand is not only trusted by consumers, but also directly delivers on consumer preferences for refreshment, flavor, and convenience — attributes that also play well within beverage alcohol and where we can leverage our expertise,”

Constellation CEO Bill Newlands

When Will Alcoholic Fresca be released?

As of right now, there is no official date for the Fresca Cocktails but we are hoping we hear more about it soon!


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