This Employee Shared A Sheet Showing How Much Food McDonald’s Throws Away and People Are Outraged

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I will never understand why we still have a world hunger problem and this is one more reason why…

A McDonald’s employee recently shared a sheet that evidently shows how much food McDonald’s throws away and the cost associated with that waste.

According to this reddit user, the form is called a McDonald’s waste sheet and it’s a sheet that is made for employees to fill out each day due to the amount of food that is thrown away.

The form contains sections for breakfast dishes, regular menu items, and desserts.

Each section includes the number for each individual product, blanks areas to write down how many have been thrown away throughout the day, and the cost to the store for each discarded item.

Side note – a Big Mac costs $0.87 – what?!

Overall, I guess it’s a way for franchises to keep track of how much money and food is being wasted each day.

Now, as you can imagine, this post has sparked outrage. People are upset at just how much food is wasted each day.

Some even chime in saying it was the same when they worked for McDonald’s or even other fast food establishments…

reddit r/mildlyinteresting

After all, couldn’t all that food go to feed the hungry? I’d think so…

Now, I get if the food is expired or recalled, fine. But if it’s perfectly good food, why waste it?

I feel like we have the answer to solving world hunger, yet we don’t. It makes me sad.

You can view the full McDonald’s waste sheet below.

reddit r/mildlyinteresting

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