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Home Depot is Selling Mini 3-Foot Skeletons That Are A Tiny Version Of The 12-Foot Skeleton

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You know that infamous 12-foot Skeleton from Home Depot?

Home Depot may be retiring the beloved 12-foot Skeleton, but they have something just as spooky and fun.

You can get a 3-foot Mini Skelly from Home Depot, and it’s just a little version of that 12 footer!

It’s like his younger brother. LOL!

Seriously, everyone is talking about it, and it’s wicked cute.

The Home Depot Home Accents Holiday Skelly indoor tabletop decor gives your haunted house an eerie touch. Standing 36 inches tall, this creepy skeleton is poised to make the hearts of your loved ones pound in fear. 

Home Depot

Home Depot 3-Foot Skelly

This 3-foot Skelly has adjustable arms that allow you to pose it in different, eerie positions for a totally unique haunted experience.

My favorite part of this little Skelly is its LED eyes. They light up and glow, creating a huge ol’ creepy vibe in this pint-sized tabletop skeleton.

Home Depot

This Mini 3 foot Skelly is Awesome!! It’s just like his Big 12 foot Brother!! This is great for those that want a 12 footer but can’t because they are in an apartment, trailer ect. — Very affordable!!

Home Depot Reviews

There is no assembly required for this 3-foot Skelly. It is ready to go out of the box.

You also don’t need any cords to plug this guy in. It uses button batteries that you simply insert to make his eyes glow bright.

This item has no legitimate reason to exist, but I digress. It’s stupid, it’s entirely pointless, but most importantly, it’s cute. — I didn’t know exactly how badly I needed this until I saw it in person.

Home Depot Reviews

How To Get This Home Depot 3-Foot Skelly

You won’t believe how affordable this little skeleton actually is.

He can go home with you for $40, and you can use him year after spooky year.

Home Depot

To get your own 3-Foot Mini Skelly, simply go check out the Home Depot website.

p.s. If it’s sold out, check back! They are constantly adding more to the stock.

Home Depot

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