Science Says Taking A Girls’ Trip Is Good For Your Health Here’s Why

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As a mom I can tell you that it is a treat to just go to the bathroom by myself.

Most the time I am accompanied by a child or animal in my home.

So, the thought of actually leaving my family for a weekend to head out for a girls’ trip seems like a VERY distant dream.

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But, now I find out that Taking a Girls’ Trip Is Good For Your Health so now, I am texting my girls, clearing my scheduled and packing my bags for a weekend getaway.

I mean, how can my husband argue with SCIENCE?

Think of how great of a wife and mom I’ll be when I get back! WHOOP!

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Science Says Taking A Girls’ Trip Is Good For Your Health Here’s Why

Southern Living published an article that says scientists have now come out with studies that show taking a trip with your girlfriends is good for your health.

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In the article, Southern Living cites many different scientific studies, and one says that “it has been proven that friendship can extend life expectancy, lower chances of heart disease, and even help us better tolerate pain.”

The article also mentions that in 2016, researchers found evidence that hanging out with friends can increase production of oxytocin, the feel good cuddle hormone that our bodies make when we’re happy. Science has shown that oxytocin can make people more trusting, more generous, and friendlier, all the things you look for in friends.

So, the next time you feel you are going stir crazy and need a bit of time with the girls’ remember, it’s good for your health.

Don’t feel guilty for time away from your family. It’s good for everyone but especially your health and that is totally something we can get behind!

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