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Here’s How To Make All-Natural Sachets To Keep The Mice Away

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We’ve already seen our first mouse with the cooling of the temperatures. As the temperatures drop the mice and rats start trying to head into our warm homes.

We have a barn cat that is pretty efficient at her job and she proudly displayed her fresh kill the other day in the garage. There are other things you can do to help repel the rodents from your home though!


These easy to make sachets not only smell good, but mice hate them! In fact, they smell just like Christmas! Shoo shoo mice!

To make them you’ll need the following items:


The first thing you will want to do is get your sachet bags ready. Count how many you will need and open them so they are ready to fill with your ingredients.

Take about a tablespoon of each of the ingredients and place them in each sachet bag. You’ll also want to put a cinnamon stick in each one. If they are small cinnamon sticks use a whole one, if they large you can probably break them in half.

Personally, I think the more cinnamon and cloves the better because they smell so good together! Once all of the ingredients are in the bags, just close them up and tie the strings so they stay closed.

brown food

Now, all that you need to do is place your filled sachet bags near every opening in your home. Also be sure to put them in your cupboards, garage, and closets!

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  1. Sorry. I forgot to ask where do you get ‘chili flakes’. Is it like crushed red pepper. I have searched and couldn’t find any ‘chili flakes. Thanks. I hit the wrong button & it posted before I could add this to my original post.

    1. @Dayna, yes red pepper flakes or crushed hot pepper

  2. Is there a way to print the directions? I want to try this. Dayna

  3. Doesn’t say what the ingredients are except cinnamon

    1. @Brigitte Crane, how long will they last?

    2. @Terri, they are listed at the top: cinnamon sticks, star anise, chili flakes, and whole cloves.

    3. @Brigitte Crane, we replace them every 3 months.

    4. @Terri, To make them you’ll need the following items:

      Sachet Bags
      Cinnamon Sticks
      Whole Cloves
      Chili Flakes
      Star Anise

    5. @CJCairns, The mice ate the Star Anise & left everthing else.

    1. @Stephanie Jones, we replace them every 3 months.

  4. How long is one sachet effective? How often should I replace them? While they may deter mice, could their smell possibly attract other critters?

    1. @Diane, we place them every 3 months and we’ve never had any bug issues out here in “the boonies”.

  5. Is there something else I can substitute for star anise?

    1. @ARLINE, I’ve read that moth balls do the trick & a lot cheaper!

    2. @Patricia Rudolph, dangerous to other animals, dogs and cats.

    3. @Patricia Rudolph, you don’t want to use moth balls in living spaces

    4. @Patricia Rudolph, We purchased a house where the owner used moth balls, and honest to goodness, you DON’T want them in your house! Even if you can find them and remove them, the SMELL is insidious!!!!!

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