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Liquid I.V. Popsicle Firecracker Flavor Exists To Keep You Hydrated All Summer Long

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90’s babies, remember the red, white, and blue decorated popsicles that were only stocked in stores for the 4th of July?

Well, the Liquid I.V. brand has just turned the nostalgic popsicles into something a little more, grownup, since us 90’s babies, aren’t kids anymore.

If you’re unfamiliar with Liquid I.V., it’s an electrolyte powder that can help you rehydrate faster than water, cool right?

And thanks to the company that keeps us all hydrated, you can now turn your boring cup of water into something more sweeter, just like a popsicle.

Courtesy of Target

Inspired after the Firecracker frozen sweet treats from Popsicle, these Liquid I.V. sticks taste exactly like the red, white, and blue popsicles we used to bite into as kids!

Curious on what these hydrating packs taste like?

Courtesy of Target

You can expect lemon-lime, tart cherry, and sweet raspberry flavors to unlock the memory of chasing down the neighborhood ice cream truck as a kid for a single Firecracker popsicle!

Just think about how good this electrolyte mix will taste, combined with the water inside of your chilled Stanley tumbler.

Courtesy of @dadbodsnacks

Now each powder pack also features electrolytes, essential vitamins, and clinically tested nutrients that turn tasteless water into extraordinary hydration!

And that’s also without mentioning that there are eight vitamins AND nutrients found within each powder too; now that’s hydration at its finest!

Courtesy of @markie_devo

You can currently snag the popsicle flavored Liquid I.V. packs online by clicking here, or in-stores at our favorite retail giant, Target!

Courtesy of Target

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