This Woman Built A Custom Stairlift For Her Elderly Dogs So They Can Get Up And Down The Stairs

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If you need a feel good moment during the chaotic week, we have just the story for you.

So sit back in your office chair and get comfy for a minute, because this heartwarming story is all about humanity helping dogs.

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They say a man’s best friend is their dog; news flash, dogs are a woman’s best friend too, especially for this young woman who has not one but three elderly best friends.

Courtesy of @sonyakrayz

Meet Sonya Karimi, a woman with three elderly rescue pugs named George, Bodhi, and Sam who all started showing signs of old age.

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Sonya knew it was time to make a change in the house so her three pugs wouldn’t have to struggle getting up and down the staircase.

Courtesy of @sonyakrayz

So, she built a custom stairlift to fix the problem!

She calls it the “Doggie-vator”, and even her young four year old pup Emery likes to take in on the action while watching his brothers and sisters get a free ride.

Courtesy of @sonyakrayz

Sonya was originally inspired to create the stairlift because of Bodhi’s (one of the elderly pugs) knee problems.

Ever since the pooch was adopted, Bodhi has always struggled with bad knees.

Courtesy of @sonyakrayz

The way the “Doggie-vator” works is similar to an elevator in a hotel or an office building.

One by one, each pug can ride the “Doggie-vator” by walking into the little wooden box. Then, after the door is closed behind them and by the push of a button, the “Doggie-vator” can ride up and down the stairs on a custom made wooden ramp.

Courtesy of @sonyakrayz

The entire ride in general is made to be slow so each pug is completely relaxed as they go up and down the stairs.

Courtesy of Caters Clips

Sonya even shared that the pugs are in favor of their tiny elevator so much that now, they sit and wait for their owner to push a button so they can ride up and down the stairs throughout the day!

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