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These Are the Best States to Visit for Fall Foliage

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If there was anything to put on a bucket list it should be visiting states at their peak fall foliage.

Now I know not everyone prefers the cooler weather and maybe the fall season isn’t your favorite, but who doesn’t love an array of colors swinging in the breeze and hanging from trees.

Brought to you by mother nature, fall foliage is when leaves turn from green to autumn colors such as orange, red, yellow, and even purple!

Therefore if you enjoy crunchy leaves, the crisp fall breeze and an abundance of brightly colored leaves in one area, here are the best states to visit to see the best fall foliage.

Starting with Stowe, Vermont, this town is specifically known for the fall season considering autumn is a festive time of year for the entire town featuring vibrant colors scattering hills in the countryside.

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The Porcupine Mountains in Michigan are also a must see during the fall months where you can see a bunch of vibrantly colored trees from an observation tower!

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The Poconos in Pennsylvania are another great spot to sit by the lake and watch trees come alive before the winter season drops all of their leaves while Catskills, New York, a state near PA shows fall foliage that generally peak in the beginning of spooky season.

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Salem Massachusetts is a unsurprisingly another beautiful place to visit for fall foliage considering this town is known for spooky season, the surrounding trees also run the show during the haunted holiday month.

Courtesy of @theworldpursuit

So, who’s ready for a road trip?

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