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Mulled Wine Hair Color Is The New Trend And I’m Jumping On Board

Heck, YES! I am absolutely in LOVE with this new trend in hair color! Mulled Wine Hair is the new color of the season, and it’s just like the color hues of the yummy winter Mulled Wine beverage.

If you think rich, dark red wine, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, and orange cloves, you’re right on track! This totally lovely hair color is just that!

On darker skin tones, people are going for a deeper shade of the purplish red color. On lighter skin tones, they tend more toward the red end of the spectrum.

The color is TOTALLY flattering on just about everybody, adding a rich vibrance to washed-out summer hair! What a great deep undertone for the winter months. I absolutely need this on my head!

This trend is completely opposite than what has been trending for the past couple years — that grey, light pink, rosey blonde, and summer blonde. The darker tone change is absolutely beautiful!

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O H H H • E L E C T R I C • P L U M Vivid overlay… do you? – Do you ever overlay your vibrants with a vivid? – That’s a new one for many, but why not? What bad can it do? Nothing! It fades, have fun with it 😂 – Last time we decided to refresh @kasp11 previously faded 5xr and 5rm @joicoeurope mix with ruby red @joicointensity, this time we decided to switch it up and try something a little out the ordinary – We chose a darker root stretch (not really out the ordinary) keeping it in the same family of tones- violet appears darker than red so I chose 2parts 5V and 1part 5XR – I still wanted a punch in the root rather than flat of muted – And on the ends I applied @joicointensity fiery coral and pink… why? Because I wanted a hue of Orangy pink tones as the light hits the red to confuse the eye – And WOW what a result ❤️ if you look closely you can see the pinky/orange overlay with the red shining through on a darker violet red backround (root area) – Root formula was applied in a halo shape and intensity tone was applied in a rough balayage technique application. – Do you have fun with your vibrant and vivid clients? Do any give you free reign like Nat gives me: well she gives me an inspiration then we get excited chatting about colours and options, maintenance then future possibilities of what we can do next working our way back or through to something else and then chose something completely different 😂and she loves it everytime, I also love how great she tells me I am all the time 😉 – – – – – – – – – #red #vivid #vibrant #plumbhair #mulledwinehair #hair #redhair #vinranthair #shinyhair #shiny #healthy #stunning #beautifulhair #hairstylist #hairdresser #kingswinfordstylist #birminghamstylist #nikkicshairstudio #nicolaiannetta #colourexpert #havefun #lovemyjob #bigpersonality #exciting #fun #lovemyjob #joico #joicosalon #haireducation #educator

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Look how that color just POPS in the sunlight! I can’t even control my love for this color. I’m going to need this done to my hair NOW!

You should totally take this color to your next hair appointment! Try it out just once. I bet you love it!

Enjoy your Holiday Season, your mulled wine, and your new, gorgeous hair!

While we are talking about wine, check out the Advent Calendars that Costco has — WINE ADVENT CALENDARS!

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