You Can Now Get Lindt Neapolitan Truffles Covered In Strawberry Coating and They Are So Good

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Lindt Lindor Chocolates, I love you. No, I really do. And now they have come out with NEAPOLITAN flavored truffles, and let me just tell you, OMG!

Courtesy of Snack Betch

These beautiful little truffles contains a Strawberry Flavored Truffle coating, and the creamy inside is made up of White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.

You know, just like neapolitan ice cream! There are three flavors of YUM!

I totally love that Lindt Lindor decided to make these truffles with a Strawberry flavored Coating. They are not only the PERFECT pink for Valentine’s day, they are so unique. Not to mention, they taste freaking awesome!

Seriously, though. Neapolitan? That is AMAZEBALLS!

Have you had a Lindt Lindor truffle before? Please, tell me you have! They are the creamiest truffle EVER, and when you break through that outer shell you get just the PERFECT crunch!

These truffles have been seen at Cost Plus World Market. Do they not have EVERYTHING?! Anytime I want something unique, quirky, fun, or just a bit eccentric, I hit up World Market! It’s one of my favorite places!

Courtesy of Snack Betch

This product is limited edition, but it’s not exclusive to World Market. That means, you can get them in your local stores, theoretically. You best believe, I’ll be looking for them!

You can get these in 8.5 ounce bags, and they would make the PERFECT gift for your Valentine.

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