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Popeyes Is Offering A Massive “Churkey Special” For Thanksgiving and I’m So There

Popeyes is offering a massive Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Okay well, it’s technically a chicken enclosed in a large plastic turkey shell but hey, who says you can’t run from tradition and get Popeyes classic crispy fried chicken instead.

Plus, it’s already cooked. Now I know I got your attention.

Since all eyes are on now on me, let’s turn your attention over to Popeye’s mouth watering crispy chicken.

Coming from a partnership with Uber Eats, Popeyes is offering a massive meal combo including their famous chicken and all of the fixings.

On an even brighter note, you can already order the Thanksgiving meal on Uber Eats in which they’re calling it, the Churkey special. Get it, since it’s chicken disguised in a turkey shell?

Courtesy of Uber Eats

The Churkey special comes with 8 pieces of fried chicken, 4 biscuits, and an added side of your preferred choice which if this was my order, it would most likely be mashed potatoes!

Courtesy of Popeyes

The meal combo is available through November 29 and you can get it for $20 plus a free chicken sandwich! Your Thanksgiving dinning room table will be filled on Thanksgiving night!

Now of course if you don’t prefer chicken on Thanksgiving, keep in mind that Popeyes is also offering a Cajun-style turkey too which sounds just as delicious!

But hey, who says you have to choose between the two, why not order both for Thanksgiving and let the family chow down!

Courtesy of Popeyes

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