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You Can Get A Popeyes Cajun Style Turkey For Thanksgiving This Year and Count Me In

You can get an ALREADY COOKED, Cajun-Style Turkey from Popeyes this year, and I’m all over getting a fully ready and flavorful turkey for our Thanksgiving meal!

Courtesy of Popeyes

Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I have already started thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, and the dread is starting to set it. Why dread?

Y’all — there is just SO MUCH to do, and the turkey is so intimidating. I mean, it’s not that hard to cook a turkey in the oven, but it takes FOREVER. I am not quite ready to spend half my day cooking a turkey.

Popeyes has heard our cries, and they are selling Cajun-Style Turkeys that are all seasoned, cooked, and ready to go!! All you have to do is pop it in the oven to keep it warm until you are ready to stick it on your Thanksgiving table.


Now, this is not the first year that Popeyes has offered up these Cajun-Style Turkeys. This is a yearly tradition for Popeyes, but people just started to completely lose their minds over these turkey last year.

What does that mean? Well, you should order your turkey EARLY, because you want to make sure they don’t sell out before you have a chance to get yours.

You can get your own Cajun-Style Turkey at participating Popeyes locations nationwide, with prices starting at $39.99. Just call your local store — or even better, go in — and let them know that you want one of these juicy, flavorful turkeys.

They would be happy to hook you up, and get you ready for Thanksgiving day!

While you are ordering your turkey, don’t forget that Popeyes has awesome sides, too! Don’t forget to add some of those delicious mashed potatoes or cream coleslaw to your turkey, and you can have your whole meal all ready to go!!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, have y’all heard that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is going to be virtual this year? I will admit, I’m pretty disappointed. I’m going to miss my yearly tradition of watching the live parade on TV. What about you?

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