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You Can Get A Grinch Starbucks Cold Cup and My Heart Just Grew Three Sizes

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If there was ever a character that perfectly represented me at Christmas time, it would definitely be the Grinch. I mean, I totally love the holidays… but the stress can have me go from cheerful to Grinch mode super fast!

This Grinch inspired cold cup is just what I need to fuel me through the holidays!


They call this cup “The Mean One” and if you love glitter, this is for you! It is loaded with sparkly green glitter!

The Cat in The Hat Productions / MGM Television

You don’t need to worry about the draft herpes (AKA glitter) attacking you because it is completely sealed with epoxy. Just make sure you hand wash only and the mean one will be there for you for a long time!


You can even have a name added under the Starbucks logo! They actually turned the logo into a Christmas tree ornament that is held by a “grinchy” hand.


It also comes with an adorable Mickey or Minnie inspired mouse topper that fits on top over the straw hole. You can choose between a red or green glitter mouse topper.

I love everything about this! The Grinch brings me joy and that is definitely what I need in my life right now!


You can order your very own Grinch inspired Starbucks Cold Cup from CheersBabeShop on Etsy starting at only $26! I just added it to my cart, so if you want one too, you better hurry!

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