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Dog The Bounty Hunter Says He Is Closing In On Where Brian Laundrie Is

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Leave it to Dog The Bounty Hunter to find Brian Laundrie just days after joining the hunt.

Moab PD

During a recent interview, Dog mentions that he believes he knows the area where the FBI and police need to focus their efforts on to find Brian.

He says a tip came in that informed Dog and his team that Brian and his parents went camping twice right before Gabby Petito was reported missing.

Gabby Petito

He claims that 3 people went in to go camping and only 2 people came out and that it was all caught on camera.

He has now found evidence of a campsite as if Brian is on the move camping in the area where investigators have been looking at for weeks.

Turns out, according to TMZ, Dog The Bounty Hunter Now Says He Is Closing In On Where Brian Laundrie Is. In fact, he is pretty confident he may reach the area where Brian is, within the hour.


Um, what?!

This is amazing and honestly, it just goes to show that Dog knows what he is doing and maybe he should be called in more for other missing person cases.


Sources told TMZ that Dog is rolling to a remote site where he says Laundrie is hiding.

They were also told that Dog had obtained information that leads him to believe Laundrie was alive and moving around as of 10 PM on Tuesday.


Oh snap! I really, really hope that Dog and his team find Brian Laundrie today and turn him in!

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  1. My money is she was the abuser, She abused him and he just had enough and accidently killed her(probably deserved it) He knew what he done, he basically knew he was going away to prison, he got with parents to say last goodbyes and will be found dead and probably with a suicide note explaining how he couldn’t handle the abuse anymore.

    1. you sound like an idiot. do more research on the case. Gabby covered for him so he wouldn’t get in trouble. a person called the cops saying Brian was hitting HER and she took the blame. he was always the abuser and she deserved to live no matter if she was the abuser or not hello ? Brian deserves to be found, and deserves the death penalty.

    2. @me,
      Are you really thinking that? Seriously people saw him slapping her and yet she never sent him to jail . She covered for him. Wow please refrain from your negative comments

    3. @Brittany King, I totally agree with you…100%

    4. @me, are you Brian? You sound like you might him!

    5. @me, Are you for real ? That’s ridiculous ! He was seen hitting her , DUH !

    6. @Brittany King I agree, Bryan needs to be put away for life.

  2. He definitely needs to brought in for questions. Proof of his involvement in Gabbys demise ny him eluding the LEO

  3. I am a huge Dexter fan. In this case it would be a fitting end. On a legal standpoint, I hope Dog finds him and he is brought to justice.

    1. @Frank, this man needs to be caught and tried for killing this young woman and if guilty needs to go to prison

    2. @Frank, Dog will find him and bring him in for questions in her murder. If he is not alive he will still be brought in. Someone killed her.

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