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Here’s Exactly How Many Times Taylor Swift Was Shown During The Super Bowl

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Super Bowl LVIII has officially come to an end and if you were watching for the game not Taylor Swift, you may have been annoyed with how many times she was shown during the game.

If you did watch for Taylor Swift, you probably loved how many times she was highlighted during the game.

Taylor Swift’s brand value has helped bring new fans to the National Football League (NFL) , especially women and girls.

Some experts have labelled this newfound fandom the “Swift bump” leading to a 20 percent increase in sponsorships. Among teenage girls, NFL viewership has increased by 53 percent. Among the 18-24 age demographic, there has been an increase of 24 percent.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell welcomed the surge during a news conference before the Super Bowl saying:

“Obviously, it creates a buzz,” he said. “It creates another group of young fans, particularly young women, that are interested in seeing why is she going to this game, why is she interested in this game besides Travis. She is a football fan.”

Some people even took to social media to start a drinking game where they’d take a shot every time she was shown lol.

As you can imagine though, not everyone agrees with being a T-Swift fan.

In fact, there’s been numerous videos, articles and buzz on social media of people saying they are sick of her being featured in football games.

So, exactly how many times was Taylor Swift shown during the Super Bowl?

By my count, Taylor Swift was shown a total of 13 times. How many times did you count her being shown?

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