Taco Bell Baja Blast Pie May Be Coming Soon and I’m Freaking Out With Excitement

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We know that Taco Bell doesn’t shy away from creating unique pieces in the kitchen, which is why their latest creation comes at no surprise.

I mean, who remembers the Bell’s Baja Blast Gelato or the giant Cheez-It Tostada?

During a recent Live Más press conference, the taco giant introduced a new dessert that may be coming to chains!

What’s been dubbed their Baja Blast Pie, this new slice of heaven is supposed to look and taste exactly like the popular Baja Blast beverage; even the color of the pie is the iconic blue/green, just like the drink!

Courtesy of @Does it Suck?

From social media posts online, the new pie features a layer of whipped cream and is surrounded by a crispy outer layer crust, because what’s a pie without a whipped topping or a golden-brown crust?

Courtesy of @snackolator

Alongside the new pie, Taco Bell has also announced another dessert during their conference, that may be headed to stores as well, and it looks like the chain is sticking to the Baja Blast theme!

Enter, Baja Blast Cinnamon Twists!

Courtesy of @snackolator

The famous Cinnamon Twists may be getting an upgrade with an added sprinkling of what they’re calling, a Baja Blast topping!

And if you look closely, you’ll be able to notice the blue-colored specs on each Cinnamon Twist; so now I ask you, will you try the new Baja Blast Pie or Cinnamon Twists if the two release to chains nationwide?

Courtesy of @sodaseekers and @markie_devo

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