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This TikTok Shows You How To Make Easy Crack Chicken Soup And It Is So Good

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There is a recipe video called Easy Crack Chicken Soup floating around TikTok, and it looks so dang good!!

TikTok is quickly becoming my favorite place to go for recipes, tips, tricks, and hacks of all sorts.

I mean, I have learned how to make the perfect fried egg sandwich, how to make Dalgona coffee (which I drank EVERY DAY for like 2 months), and I have even found a (very messy) way to put on mascara, all courtesy of TikTok.

My absolute FAVORITE things to find on TikTok are cool (easy) recipes. So, you can imagine, I was crazy giddy when I found this recipe for Easy Crack Chicken Soup.

Courtesy of lifeofliz62 on TikTok

You just have to shred up some chicken, all quick and easy like. We have a GREAT hack for shredding chicken! You totally have to check it out.

Courtesy of lifeofliz62 on TikTok

Then, you throw in a few simple ingredients that you PROBABLY already have on hand at home.

Courtesy of lifeofliz62 on TikTok

Next, you just cook the soup for 25 minutes. Use that time to go fold some laundry, clean up your kitchen, or — let’s get real — binge watch a show on Netflix.

Courtesy of lifeofliz62 on TikTok

After that, you add noodles, and cook the soup until the noodles are soft — about 10 minutes or so.

Courtesy of lifeofliz62 on TikTok

That’s it. You’re done! Can you believe how easy that is?

Everyone is going to LOVE this Easy Crack Chicken Soup! It’s totally PERFECT, especially since we are headed right into soup season!!

Courtesy of lifeofliz62 on TikTok

See the TikTok video on making this Easy Crack Chicken Soup by lifeofliz62 below.


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