Dog The Bounty Hunter Says He Has A Lead On Where Brian Laundrie Is

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Wowza – wouldn’t it be bat sh** crazy if Dog The Bounty Hunter was the one to find Brian Laundrie just days after joining the manhunt?

Fox News

As of today, Dog The Bounty Hunter Says He Has A Lead On Where Brian Laundrie Is…

Dog says that he believes a Florida campsite could be the key to finding Brian Laundrie.

Fox News

Dog told Fox News that he received a tip that Brian Laundrie and his parents camped together at Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County, FL in early September.

He has a tip line where he says thousands of tips have come forward.

Moab PD

He says that the family took two trips to Fort De Soto, from Sept. 1-3 and Sept. 6-8 which was right before Gabby Petito was reported missing.

Fox News

It appears that on the Laundrie’s second trip, three people came into the park and only two left, he said.

And get this, they were caught on camera!!!

“They were registered, went through the gate,” he said. “They’re on camera. They were here.”

In addition, Dog believes that he found a recent, “fresh” campsite like someone had been living there.

Gabby Petito

Oh and you know how we all believe that Brian’s parents are helping him and trying to keep him in hiding? Well, Dog Dog tipped off authorities to the campsite and believes there’s unspecified evidence linking Brian’s parents to the site, TMZ said.

Moab PD

So, what does that mean?


This story just keeps getting crazier. I seriously cannot believe Brian has been able to survive in the wilderness this long but let’s hope he is found soon so Gabby can get some justice!

You can watch the Dog The Bounty Hunter interview below.

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  1. Something has been off from day 1 I pray God lets him be found. Get the parents of Gabby the answers they need so many people have been hurt .time to let healing would Brian’s parents feel if shoe waß the other foot (answers) God is our judge and they need to think about that 2

  2. I think these parents should tell what they know not try to hide him what are they teaching him iv talked my child into turning themselves in not on something of this scale but I love my kids not always what they do

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