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Apparently You Can Reduce Your Time With A Big Hickey By Using A Kitchen Whisk

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Okay, TikTok, you tell us a lot of tips, trends, hacks, and just plain cool info — this one is just a little weird. But, if it works, HEY!! Who am I to judge?

Apparently, there is a way to get rid of hickeys faster, and where was this information when I was in high school?!?

Back in the day, we had to rely on foundation makeup and turtleneck shirts — you know, the things that just screamed, “YOU HAVE A HICKEY!!”

Thanks to TikTok, however, you kids these days get to benefit from the wisdom of the social media viral hacks!!

It seems that all you need to reduce your time with that big purple love bite is something we ALL have in our house — the kitchen whisk.

That’s right, it’s not just for eggs and pancakes anymore. It is your best defense against the embarrassing proof of your epic makeout sessions.

OMG. I can just hear my parents clear as day in my memories. “What is that on your neck?” Mortified.

Try this little trick. It just might work!

TikTok user @thesecrethoebag (I’m just going to say, it ain’t so secret, honey) posted a video that has gone TikTok VIRAL with over 38 million views.

In this video, she has a giant purple hickey on her neck, as the kids sometimes do.


To get rid of said hickey, she rubs it in a circular motion with an ordinary kitchen whisk over and over.


When it lessens, she covers it with color-correcting concealer and foundation, and VOILA!! Her hickey seemingly disappears.


She does this to at least one other lighter hickey that she has on her opposite side — but I’m not sure if she got the one off her right breast. *Gasp*


Now, you may be wondering if this really actually works. Yes, is the short answer. If you catch it early, it can definitely work.

According to Dr. [David] Shafran, this method may work because the pressure from the whisk breaks up the clotted blood that’s accumulated under the skin for faster reabsorption. He said doing this when the hickey is fresh and has not yet “stained” the subcutaneous tissue is probably when it would work best, and stimulating the area also increases blood flow, which may speed up the healing process.

Yahoo News

While it CAN happen, the chances aren’t high that this method could hurt your body. May as well try it, AMIRITE?!?

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