5 Ways To End Summer With A Splash

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School is about to be back in session but you don’t need to give up on those fun summer memories just yet. You can End Summer With A Splash without ever having to leave your home. I am talking about taking the fun right into your own backyard.

5 ways to end summer with a splash

5 Ways To End Summer With A Splash

  • Bust out the good old sprinkler – I am sure your grandma could tell you countless stories of her playing and jumping through the sprinklers. I bet you even did that as a kid. There’s a reason for it – it’s fun! Sprinklers are so simple yet fun and totally FREE!

5 Ways To End Summer With A Splash2

  • Grab a little pool time – You can get inexpensive and small pools perfect for your kiddos and they’ll be crazy cheap right now! No worry about needing to use any pool chemicals and the kids still have fun. Plus, they make for easy storage!
  • Water squirters provide hours of fun – I swear kids have fun with the simplest of things and water squirters are one of them! Snag a pack at your local store before summer comes to end and let your kids blast water on each other. Bonus – use the pool to fill them up!
  • Throw those balloons, yo – Have you seen those really cool self-tying water balloons they make these days? They fill up in under a minute which means more fun getting wet and less time tying balloons. These are totally fun for everyone.
  • Slide to the fun – Bust out that slip ‘n slide. Don’t have one? Make your own! A good tarp, a hose, and some bubble bath will make it slippery and fun! Parents it’s so fun you will want to get in on the action too!

And THAT’s how you end summer with a SPLASH!

5 awesome ways to end summer with a splash

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