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Hershey Is Releasing Meltaway Rose Kisses For Valentine’s Day And I’m In Love!

Valentines Day is one of the sweetest holidays and when I say sweet, I mean sugary sweet. Next to Halloween, Valentine’s Day is filled with chocolate candy, chocolate roses and heart filled chocolates.

Now I know we just finished Thanksgiving but Hershey is wasting no time to release their love filled candy because let’s face it, they are the face of Valentine’s Day.

As soon as Christmas is over, Hershey plans to release a new candy for hearts day and this candy looks mouthwatering. No literally, the centerpiece supposedly melts away in your mouth and they’re calling it, meltaway Hershey’s Kisses.

Courtesy of Walmart

You heart won’t be the only thing that melts on Valentine’s Day because this new Hershey’s candy has a chocolate meltaway center with a ruby red packaging.

What’s even more satisfying than the candy itself is the actual packaging. Each Hershey’s Kiss is individually wrapped with a black outlining of a rose with a green plume (which is the paper tag that sticks out of a Hershey’s Kiss!)

The entire package is a darker red with tiny hearts covering the plastic.

Courtesy of Walmart

Walmart currently has the Valentine’s Day candy listed on their site but they’re unavailable to purchase as of right now but hey don’t panic; now you know what to ask for ahead of time when the day of love does finally roll around this year!

Courtesy of Walmart