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People Are Having A Hard Time Finding The Hidden Snowman In This Winter Puzzle. Can You Find It?

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Since I was a kid, I’ve always been obsessed with hidden picture type puzzle games. Really, any type of puzzle, brainteaser, or maze will pull me in.

I used to get so excited when a new ‘Highlights’ magazine would come so I could flip right to the hidden pictures puzzle page. Did you know you can buy a whole book of just the hidden pictures now?


Now as an adult it’s the same! I’m scrolling Facebook and up pops a puzzle that says if you can find such and such you are a genius!


Well, dang… I have a brain injury and I will take any chance I get to be proclaimed a genius… even if it involves realizing Homer Simpson is totally missing a butt crack.


So I look and I look. Sometimes the hidden object jumps right out at me. Other times I am spending way too much time looking and getting frustrated, but I never give up.


Gergely Dudás is a children’s book illustrator

Are you like that? Well, I have a fun winter wonderland themed puzzle to share with you. It’s from Gergely Dudás. He has a whole blog dedicated to the hidden picture puzzles he creates!


He has a ton of these themed puzzles up that you can spend some time working your brain through. It’s actually really good for you to do these brainteaser type things.


His first winter themed one was pretty easy for me, so it gave me a boost being able to find the tiny hidden snowman so quickly! The image is covered in snowflakes, smiley faces, and pine trees on the border sides.


Somewhere in the image below is the tiniest hidden snowman, how fast can you find it? If you can’t find it right away, don’t give up! It’s there, I promise! If you did find it, head over to his website and try some of his other hidden image puzzles.


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