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OREO Is Releasing A Gluten Free Version And I Am So Excited!

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This is super exciting news! Many people have had to go gluten free due to their health, my own mother has celiac disease and can’t have anything with gluten in it.

Oreo announced today that they are releasing a gluten free version of the classic cookie and I think it’s about to break the internet! This is really exciting for adults and kids alike!


About 6 years ago there was a petition set up on Change.org to make a gluten free version of Oreo cookies, and it may have been the inspiration behind this new cookie.

 I haven’t had an Oreo in 11 years ??

Facebook user

The announcement was posted on the Oreo Facebook page today and within minutes the shares and comments came in!

You can just drop a whole truckload off at my doorstep

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Some people are hoping that this will mean a gluten free cookies and cream ice cream in the future as well! How exciting for those that haven’t had a cookie like this in ages!

Hopefully that means some cookies and creme ice cream too! Eekk!! ?

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The new Oreo Gluten Free cookies will be coming out in January 2021! Just another reason to get excited about 2020 ending am I right?


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