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A Letter To Moms on The Last Day of School

On the eve of the last day of school, I am always filled with a sense of relief and full out panic.

I visualize myself standing on the edge of a cliff, heels on solid surface toes dangling off, facing what masks itself as lazy days lying by the pool with the fam. Not setting alarms, all of my real estate teams running like a dream, selling a bazillion houses, helping all our team members live the life of their dreams…you know, living a life of ease, kicking butt as a mom, wife, leader, volunteer, friend and woman business owner.

mom on the last day of school

Now, I get that this is no small list to be accomplished. (No wonder I’m panicked. ?)

Being a mom of a 14 and 16 year old, I’ve got a pretty good idea of how this summer actually will turn out. I will commit to being amazing today and lose patience with this plan about 4 days in.

If I’m being extra vulnerable, I won’t be afraid to admit that, for the 4th time in about two weeks, I’ve found undies in the pants that I’m wearing. I could justify this if it had been early in the day but each time I’d been wearing the pants for hours, in my head this makes it worse.

And, since I’m on a roll, I’ll also go ahead and admit that I might have cried over my arm fat today as well.

my arm fat

It was not a cute cry either. It was one of those ugly cries, complete with runny nose.

Sigh, my quest for inner peace with my humanness continues.

Anyway, these two guilty admissions are really just to say that, when your this kind of momma, living this kinda life–is the expectation of having a ‘kick butt’ summer merely setting me up for disappointment and my poor family up for what they like term ‘psycho mom’?

I’m going to say no, because in my heart I think the beauty of this one day– the last day of school, is that there’s still hope for my mom and good person skills to shine. Because really, this special day is all about hopes and dreams and building memories with the folks I love.

I have yet to drop an F bomb about the incessant calls from the house, because my offspring are fighting and ratting out the other. I haven’t yet screamed at the top of my lungs not to call me unless the house is on fire or someone has stopped breathing. I’ve not yet cried at the 24 hour cvs about not being prepared for my kid’s summer camp.

On the eve of summer vacation ‘psycho mom’ has yet to make the scene. I am so very thankful for the time to reflect on the big summer I have 100% planned out in my head. After 21 years of marriage, 16 years of mom-hood, and 12 years of working with some of the finest realtors I know, I can say I’m going to falter and fall short. The only real question is how long it will take.

The good news is, in the midst of real estate chaos and the tears I know will come, there will also be hours of laughter, incredible memories will be made, relationships will be strengthened, and more adventure will be added into the story of our life.

So to all the moms out there on the brink of this big day, plan your awesome summer, conquer your #momgoals, kill that summer camp packing list, plan family projects like a boss, make this summer your b**** and when the tears come, know that you are in good company. ❤️

Sally White

Monday 6th of June 2016

Hi Jamie, couldn't help but laugh as I resemble 'that mom"! 1st day of summer, I dragged the kids and their friends to snorkel the springs to break in "the best summer ever" and we all ended up sick for a week! Will continue to strive for epic plans and try and brace for the equally epic fails that will undoubtedly follow! Thanks for sharing your more-um- human moments, makes me feel not so much alone!