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This Mini Projector Will Stream Movies Right Onto Your Ceiling So You Can Watch A Movie While Laying In Bed

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Do you remember when projectors used to be ginormous. Maybe I’m showing my age here.

They aren’t that big anymore. You can even hold them easily in one hand, and I need one!!

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters (One of my new favorite stores) carries this small CINEMOOD Portable Projector, and it is exactly what I need in my life!

I am simply amazed that a little projector like this exists, and it gets 1080p resolution. Y’all, that’s amazing!!

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

This projector can create pictures up to 12 feet wide, and the film quality will still be crisp and wonderful!

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The Cinemood projector has a 5 hour battery life, and then it recharges for your next marathon movie night. I mean, we just may use it EVERY night!!

I wonder if the kids could project their school lessons onto the wall?!? *Gasp*


One reviewer of the Cinemood projector even says that they project the movies straight onto their ceiling. How fun would that be?!? The ultimate lazy movie night! You could just lay in bed, and stare up at your movie.


This little guy is bluetooth enabled, and it can stream content from Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube! So, you can control it from your smart device.


It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android, so it has just about everybody covered. If you don’t have a smartphone, I am totally team iPhone. You will LOVE it!!


You can get your own little CINEMOOD Portable Projector on the Urban Outfitters website.

It will set you back $400, and you will LOVE it! It gets 5 stars, and that’s pretty darn good.


Y’all, you can even use this in the car for road trips. GAH!! My family needs to make the investment and get one. I love it already.


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