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Here’s How You Can Combine Chocolate Chip And Sugar Cookie Dough So You Can Enjoy Two Treats At Once

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You guys, we are officially 5 days away from Halloween and you know what that means, any witches or ghouls that need to be dusted off from the attic or any last minute pumpkins that need to be carved, it’s either now or never!

Now considering Halloween is not only a day for spooky creatures and scary movies, it’s also a time to indulge in as much candy and cookies as possible and yes, I said cookies!

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Newsflash, Christmas isn’t the only holiday to bake cookies and Halloween doesn’t just include candy; spooky season indulges in all sweets and if you can’t decide between a Pillsbury pumpkin sugar cookie or a chocolate chip, you need this cookie hack.


Ms. Heather Heaney, a genius in the making, shared her creative idea to nix the thought of having to choose between a Halloween sugar cookie or a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie.

She combined the two equally delicious sweet treats and here’s how she did it!

Courtesy of Heather Heaney

She first explained that she followed a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and rolled the dough into balls. Then, she grabbed Pillsbury’s pre-made pumpkin sugar cookies and gently pressed the sugar cookies into the middle of the chocolate chip cookie dough rolls.

After you have about 24 cookies or so on a baking tray, you’ll want to bake the combined chocolate chip/sugar cookies as you would regularly by following the back of the packaging.


Ms. Heaney even included the chocolate chip recipe in her Facebook post for those of you who care to take a look and all I can say is, thank you for sharing your brilliant baking invention!

Oh and in case you’re wondering, you can totally do this with any sugar cookie dough!


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