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I Just Got Back From Disney Springs And Here’s What It’s Really Like

Yesterday, I told you what arriving at Disney World was like. From the face masks, to the online ordering, and even to the sanitized rooms. It was all a bit different.

But, yesterday’s hotel experience pales in comparison to the weirdness that was today’s adventure at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney).

So, usually at Disney Springs, you park — or take a Lyft, a taxi, or the bus — and walk straight into the action. It is usually crowded as heck, hot, and humid, but you can come and go in stores and restaurants as you please.

It was obvious, even from the walk into the Disney Springs area, that things were going to be a tad different today.

They had tents set up at every entrance, with barricades blocking the walking path to enter.

You had to sanitize your hands (which was fine), get your temperature taken (which was a little weird), you are told you have to keep your mask on, and you are reminded to social distance.

Okay, that wasn’t so bad.

Once we were inside Disney Springs, and we started to look around, we noticed signs EVERYWHERE. They really wanted to drill it home that we had to wear our masks and social distance.

There were also lines everywhere. These lines were to just get into the stores and restaurants.

They had greeters at each doorway of each store, and their job was literally to count the number of people that were let into the store. The stores had to be kept under max capacity.

They really did their best to keep groups separate and socially distanced, but at some point, the crowds got crazy. Socially distancing outside was next to impossible.

There were straight-up people EVERYWHERE.

And it was SO hot and HUMID! I literally felt sick as I walked around in the 90 degree blistering sun with a face mask keeping my hot breath right next to my face.

The sweat was real, y’all.

We finally ended up leaving Disney Springs, because it was just that miserable.

Don’t misunderstand, I am so happy that I got to have the experience. Even a tough day at Disney is better than not being at Disney!

We decided to take a Disney Transportation bus back to the hotel — so we also got to experience the awkwardness that was social distancing on a Disney Bus.

We had to be given a seat number that corresponded to a group of chairs on the bus. It was still crowded. There were still about 900 people on the bus (maybe not quite that many).

Did this weird “distancing” work? Who knows. It’s better than nothing, I suppose.

So, tomorrow, we are trying our hand at the Magic Kingdom. It is supposed to be 90 degrees again, and they are expecting moderate crowds. Wish us luck!