Some People Are Only Getting Half of Their Stimulus Checks

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By now many Americans have received their $1,400 stimulus checks. Most received by direct deposit.

While some are still waiting on the 3rd wave which includes checks and debit cards via mail, there is another issue at hand.

Many people are reporting only to have received half of their stimulus check they were expecting.

Meaning, only received $700 instead of $1,400 even when they qualify.

In fact, it has been such a problem, that people have even started a Facebook group called “Half Stimulus Missing/Received Status.”

“It was a pretty big shock when we thought we were going to receive $4,200 and only got $2,100,” Joshua Bair of Kentucky told King5.

So, what is happening?

stimulus check

Well, that is the problem, nobody knows.

For whatever reason, the IRS believes they are sending the full amounts to people but the people are not receiving the full amounts.

While many have reached out to the IRS about this issue, there hasn’t been a solution just yet.

My guess would be, people will be able to claim the missing funds on their 2021 taxes but as of right now, we just don’t know.

As soon as we know more, I will update you all.

For now, you can track your stimulus payment and the method it was sent, on the IRS website.

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  1. I still have not received the first payment and SSID said we have to wait a few more weeks before we get money and that is utter nonsense