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Here’s How To Give The Gift Of Experiences To Everyone On Your Christmas List

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This has been a crazy year, to say the least! We have been very limited on the things that we can do for fun. You can’t just go out to a movie, hit up your favorite musician at a concert, or even spend a fun day just hanging out in a museum.

I love to give EXPERIENCES for Christmas, instead of gifts that will just sit around the house and gather dust. But, this year, those experiences are limited to what is open and what you can do with a mask covering your face.

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing, and see what gifts you can give in lieu of physical gifts. What experiences are out there, that can survive even through COVID, and make the PERFECT gift??

Fun Gift Experiences For Everyone On Your Christmas List

Escape Room Subscription — Choose an adventure, and solve the clues, and discover the truth that will set you free!!

Hunt a Killer Subscription — This is the subscription box that was made famous on Bailey Sarian’s Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Monday. You get a box of clues, you play detective, and you see if you can find the killer.

Birchbox Subscription — Yes. You get actual product with this. BUT, it is fun to see what comes in the box each month.

Courtesy of Birchbox

Pura Vida Subscription — Yes, you also get product with this subscription, buy your teenager will LOVE it!!

Meal Kit Subscription — How fun to make a different, YUMMY meal 3 to 5 days per week! It will come with ALL the ingredients needed to make a full meal.


House Cleaning Voucher — I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE for someone to come clean my house for an hour or so! What a treat that would be!

Yard Work Voucher — Clean up leaves, mow that yard, put down mulch, all things that could be included in a yard work voucher.

3-Course Dinner Voucher — Plan a dinner, complete with soup or salad, entree, and dessert. The recipient can choose a day, in advance, and then enjoy the spoils of your labor!

Pasta With Grandmas — Going to Italy to attend a Pasta with Grandmas workshop is not in the cards. Thanks COVID. But, they have moved the classes virtually, so you can still learn from the experts in the comfort of your own home.

Courtesy of AirBNB

National Parks Annual Pass — You can’t go a lot of places, but the great outdoors are an approved activity!! With a National Parks Annual Pass, the recipient can go to any of the National Parks across the country, as many times as they want, all in a year!

Take and Paint Experience — I know around here, they used to do Wine and Paint workshops, but those have been put on hold, due to social distancing guidelines. But, a lot of the art studios have made a take and paint experience that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Game — This is done through AirBNB, and is a virtual event. It is a game, and there are virtual prizes you can win. It sounds super fun!!

Mixology Online Workshop — Treat someone on your Christmas list to a fun experience of learning how to make fun and tasty adult beverages! This is all done online, so no worries about face masks or social distancing.

Courtesy of AirBNB

Coffee Masters Online Class — Do you know someone who LOVES coffee? I know I would totally give this to my brother. Learn the ins and outs of the perfect cup of coffee with this online course.

Virtual Magic and Mind Reading — This is a fun virtual show. You can’t go out to a theater for a magic show, so they are bringing it to you in the comfort of your own home, virtually.

Learn to Make Mexican Street Tacos With A Pro Chef Online — Yum. You had me at TACO!! I love a good street taco, and now your loved one can learn how to make them PERFECTLY!!

Courtesy of AirBNB

Virtual Meditation With a Japanese Buddhist Monk — Who doesn’t need some quiet time? This would be so relaxing for that person who is always on the go, and needs a moment of chill.

Learn How To Make Gnocchi and Ravioli Virtually — This just sounds tasty! You can give your friends or family the chance to make their own Gnocchi or Ravioli, from SCRATCH!!

Subscription to a Music Streaming Service (Sirius, Spotify, etc) — How perfect for that person who works from home, or that person who loves music! Give them the gift of music — without commercials!!

Subscription to a Movie Streaming Service (Netflix, Disney+, etc) — There are a TON of streaming services out there. Find out what kinds of things your friends and family like to watch, and then get them a subscription to a streaming service that focuses on their interests.

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