Giving Your Kids Experiences Instead Of Toys Can Boost Their Happiness

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When I think back to my childhood, is it all the toys I collected that I remember most? Honestly, I think I can recall about five toys I received as a child.

So, when I really think about it, it is the MEMORIES that I remember.

The time spent with family doing little things, and great big things!

I remember decorating our silver Christmas Tree as a family.

I remember going to the Grand Canyon when the ground was covered in snow.

I remember going to the beach for family cookouts by the waves.

I remember spaghetti every Thursday night, and french toast on Sunday mornings.

Were we monetarily rich? Hell to the no. But, we made lasting memories TOGETHER and that’s what I remember.

I have a tendency to want, for MY kids, all the newest gadgets and toys, because I think it will make them happy. And, it will — for a time.

But, what I hope the kids REALLY remember is our fun weekend spent at the beach, our trek out to look at Christmas lights, and our giant Thanksgiving trip to Disney World.

It is THOSE times that I see their imaginations shine, and their gratitude is palpable.

As it turns out, research shows that having LESS gadgets and toys makes the child’s imagination blossom, the creativity shine, makes them genuinely happier.

I can totally see this from an adult’s perspective…

When I have a house packed full of “THINGS” — even if I think I LOVE them, and think I NEED them — I get overwhelmed by the clutter, and start to shut down.

When I purge my things, and have a house full of all the things I truly love, I can focus my energies more on those few things, and life is a bit more fulfilling.

The same goes for kids. If you overwhelm them with an overabundance of toys, games, gadgets, and the like, they will get a bit stagnant. Having too much to choose from is often worse than having a few nice things to play with.

So, rather than inundating them with THINGS. Take them for adventures, spend time with them, even have meals together. Those are the things they truly crave, and will remember forever — even if they don’t yet understand that concept.

It doesn’t take much. A fun day at the park is FREE, and the kids will LOVE it!

Taking them to a movie is — a bit pricey these days — but is the highlight of the year for my kids. You can just see their eyes light up with excitement.

They will remember and cherish that adventure FAR longer than they will remember that $20 batmobile “Santa” brought them for Christmas.

Get outside and let them help you in the garden. Make up silly scavenger hunts. Go for a walk along that trail by the stream in your backyard. Grab a ball and play some catch.

It is those experiences that will really get their imaginations going, will feed their happiness, and they will cherish FOREVER.

Check out this ADVENTURE BOX that one grandma chose to give her kids for Christmas. THIS is the real deal. This is what I want for my kids.

Via Darlene Howell Waller on Facebook

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