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This TikToker Just Showed Us How To Make ‘Taco Burgers’ And Now My Mouth Is Watering

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Consider everything you know about the traditional taco and toss it out the window!

Thanks to TikToker @fooddudescook, this social media user has given taco night a whole new meaning. 

When we think of tacos, typically the first thing that comes to mind is beef, and apparently so does this social media cooker. 

But beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a dollop of sour cream are not the only ingredients included in this TikToker’s taco. 

Courtesy of @fooddudescook

In fact, shredded cheese and beef, are the only two ingredients this social chef includes from the “traditional” taco. 

Starting off with a small, rolled up ball of ground beef, @fooddudescook places his ground beef directly in the middle of a soft taco, followed by smash in the pan.

Courtesy of @fooddudescook

After the beef is smashed evenly and cooked thoroughly on the soft tortilla, this cook begins to build his taco with shredded cheese.

Followed by lemon juice, shredded colorful carrots, pickles, and stay with me now, spinach, this unique taco is almost finished.

Courtesy of @fooddudescook

After a generous amount of a homemade sauce spoon fed onto this taco, @fooddudescook combines ketchup, white vinegar, garlic, habanero sauce, mayo, relish, and lemon juice to create this one of a kind dip.

Courtesy of @fooddudescook

Now if you haven’t already guessed, yes, these tacos are burger inspired!

TikToker @fooddudescook even calls these bad boys the Taco Burger, and now if you’ll excuse me, I must make the same in my kitchen!

Courtesy of @fooddudescook

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