This New Study Says Writing is Better For Your Memory Than Typing

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I’m going to start this off by saying that this is 100% true for me!

I’ve tried using notepad apps, calendar apps, you name it and I have tried it and they don’t work for me.

But if I write things down my brain tends to hold onto the information much better.

There was a study done by psychology researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with 36 students.

F. R. Van der Weel and Audrey L. H. Van der Meer had the students write words with a stylus or a keyboard while connected to a 256-channel sensor worn on their heads.

Whenever handwriting movements are included as a learning strategy, more of the brain gets stimulated, resulting in the formation of more complex neural network connectivity.

From the study

The sensor checks the connectivity between the two sides of the human brain. It was found that there was increased connectivity for handwritten information over typed information.

Keyboards have their uses, and apps do as well. However, if you really want to fire up your memory, write things down manually… even if it is with a stylus!

It is the action of writing that helps you remember, it does not have to be pen or pencil on paper.

I love my iPad and Apple Pen for taking notes and writing reminders. But my biggest helper for my broken brain is my bullet journal.

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