There Is An Island That Has So Many Snakes That It’s Off Limits To Humans

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If you’re not a snake person, this little fact may terrify you…

There is an actual island that has SO MANY SNAKES that humans are not allowed to go there.

Not very long ago ecologists went there to conduct a survey and found there is about 1 snake per square meter on the island.

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I’m not talking about your average American snake here… no… these are extremely venomous snakes.

The pit vipers are called Bothrops insularis aka golden lanceheads.

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The only people that go there are the Brazilian Navy to service the lighthouse and scientists. The lighthouse is automated these days, but in the past, some people lived there to run it.

Image credit: ilha.da.queimada.grande

The snake population keeps growing there on the island because there are no natural predators.

The island is off of the coast of São Paulo, Brazil called Ilha da Queimada Grande. This island is also known as ‘Snake Island’.

If you want to see a golden lancehead snake, find one in captivity… just don’t go to Snake Island!

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