Here’s How You Can Use Coffee to Keep the Mosquitos Away This Summer

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Mosquitos make southern summers unbearable! If it isn’t the heat sucking the life out of you, it’s the mosquitos… literally.

The thing is, I hate using the poisons in a bottle that you are supposed to douse your body in. But it’s sometimes a necessary evil.

There are natural and chemical-free ways to deter mosquitos, so you just have to find some that work for you and your area.

I just learned that coffee can repel mosquitos and now I have to give it a try.

Coffee grounds are a natural mosquito repellent that can help keep your home mosquito-free. Apparently, the way it works is that the scent of coffee covers up other scents that attract mosquitos.

There are a few different ways to use coffee grounds to repel mosquitos and you can use fresh or used coffee grounds.

  • Spread coffee grounds around areas outdoors
  • Create a spray by boiling coffee grounds in water
  • Burning coffee grounds, like a candle
Image credit: Jennifer Garza

The best way to use coffee grounds to repel mosquitos is by burning them. Burning coffee grounds produces a stronger odor.

You will need a heat-safe bowl for your coffee grounds, then light them just like you were lighting a candle so that it produces a delightful brewed smoke.

Pleasant for those of us who love coffee, and disgusting to the little bloodsuckers.

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