‘Scrunchy’ Moms Are The Hot New Parenting Trend and We Are Here For It

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Today’s parenting styles have a thousand names to it.

And how you choose to parent your kid or kids, there’s most likely a term for it; for example there’s sittervising, gentle parenting, and even such a term as Nacho parenting too.

But regardless of which term you tend to sway when it comes to parenting, that’s up to you to decide and most recently, ‘scrunchy’ moms have taken the internet by storm.

So What Is a Scrunchy Mom?

Scrunchy parenting is a combination parenting style that takes copious notes from both the crunchy moms and dads and the silky style parents.

And if aren’t familiar with what a crunchy mom or a silky dad is, crunchy parents practice natural parenting.

Therefore, crunchy parents might prefer to give birth at home, buy cloth diapers or only purchase wooden toys made from non-toxic and sustainable materials while silky parents, are just the opposite.

For example, silky parents might prefer giving birth in a hospital, buying disposable diapers rather than cloth, sleep training, etc.

Now added to the list of parenting terms is the scrunchy technique, which are parents who take styles from both the crunchy and silky side and combine the two.

TikToker @jesskkatz showed off her ‘scrunchy’ parenting style home which includes a compost bin, cloth diapers, wooden and plastic toys, and a modern medicine shelf.

Courtesy of @jesskkatz

Another mom on TikTok @millennialmidwesternmom, also represented the ‘scrunchy’ parenting method with cloth diapers, breastfeeding, and putting her baby to sleep in a crib.

Although regardless of what parenting style you may use, whether that includes ‘sittervising’ or ‘scrunchy’ parenting, here’s what’s most important.

And that’s making sure that the parenting style you do decide to choose is what works best for you and your family and as always, to make sure everyone is happy and healthy!

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