‘Sittervising’ Is the Hot New Parenting Trend Parents Everywhere Are Trying Out

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Lets face it, there’s a lot of pressure on moms and dads.

And the new way moms and dads are dealing with all the pressures that come with taking care of the family is a new parenting trend called “sittervising”.

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What is sittervising? 

The new parenting technique includes moms and dads supervising their kids from a seated position. 

Courtesy of @thatmindfulmama

Parenting expert Susie Allison came up with the term to show how parents can safely watch their kids playing independently while moms and dads can enjoy a few moments to theirselves too! 

“We can take a step back and still supervise them, still keep them safe,” explains Allison. “We can do that and grow their autonomy, grow their risk management, grow their self-confidence, and all the other juicy, delicious parts of early childhood.”

Susie Allison
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Curious on how to start? Allison says the first step to sittervising is realizing you don’t have to hover over your kids 24/7.

“We have permission to sit while our children are playing … The goal is to allow the child to naturally grow and develop while also honoring the parent as a person.”

Susie Allison

And you can start sittervising with your child when they’re a baby and you can still teach your child if they’re a toddler or school-aged too!

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Here are several steps Allison recommends when it comes to beginning sittervising:

  • Safety always comes first!
  • Create a playtime routine: Schedule a time for your child to play where you can “sittervise” and be consistent with it.
  • Start small (baby steps): Begin small while introducing this new parenting trend with your kid
  • Use a visual timer for playtime while sittervising
  • No butting in!
  • Stay strong, you’ve got this!
  • Ditch the mom or dad guilt
Courtesy of @mama2reds

And get this, sittervising works because real moms and dads are sharing their positive experiences with the new technique on social media!

Courtesy of @mama2reds

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