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Homemade Smoked Queso Is The Hottest Newest Food Trend And It Looks Delicious

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TikTok is home to the latest trends. It’s a social media platform that shares videos online from Amazon hacks to food to dance videos.

The latest trend on TikTok is food, there’s even an entire hashtag category dedicated to food. So if you’re looking for a recipe or forgot how to make mom’s chicken for date night, TikTok most likely has what you’re looking for.

Most recently, Queso has been a topic of interest and who could blame them?

Under the hashtag #smokedqueso, you can find a multitude of videos showing different individuals who put creativity to the test and cooked their own Queso with a twist.

The trend starts with an aluminum foil pan with your common ingredients such as beef and cheese and from there, everything else is at your discretion.

The aluminum foil pan then goes onto the grill, close the lid and leave the rest up to your heated grill.

Some individuals even added Taco Seasoning while others added Pico de gallo.


If it were up to me, I would add beef, a five layer cheese, pico de gallo, salt, pepper and garlic.

What would you add to the Queso? Leave us your recipe below in the comments section!


First time making smoked queso, also don’t mind my terrible transitions. #smokedqueso #texanshelpingtexans

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