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The Real-Life ‘Baby Reindeer’ Stalker Says She is The Victim Here

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Netflix’s Baby Reindeer has taken the world by storm making it the #1 show streaming on Netflix right now!

If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a stalker and her victim, only it’s quite more disturbing than that. And if you have seen it, you likely have all sorts of feelings about it.


Well, I am here to say that those feelings may be even more confusing for you because the real-life stalker came out to say that she is the victim in all of this…


A few days ago, an unnamed woman came forward who is claiming to be the inspiration behind Martha in the new, popular Netflix series.

She told the Daily Mail she was considering legal action for defamation following the release of the show.


The woman apparently told the Daily Mail that she thought the Netflix script amounted to ‘bullying an older woman on television for fame and fortune’ and that she had received online ‘death threats and abuse from Richard Gadd supporters’.

‘He’s using Baby Reindeer to stalk me now,’ she claimed. ‘I’m the victim. He’s written a bloody show about me.’

The Daily Mail

Whether or not this woman is the actual woman behind this true story, we may never know but according to reports, this woman has several characteristics that fit the description and timeline for the events that happened.


In addition to saying she is the victim, the woman also made claims that some of the story told was not accurate.

For one, in the Netflix show, Martha gives Donny the nickname Baby Reindeer because, she says, he reminds her of a cuddly toy reindeer she had as a child with ‘big lips, huge eyes and the cutest wee bum’.


Apparently, the woman claiming to be the real-life Martha says: ‘I’ve never owned a toy baby reindeer and I wouldn’t have had any conversation with Richard Gadd about a childhood toy either.’

She even went as far to say, she is ‘being bullied for fame’.


Well, unless she actually comes forward with evidence it is her and her claims are even truthful, then this is a lot of he said/she said.

What a wild story, isn’t it?

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