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You Can Get McDonald’s Boo Bucket Straw Toppers For Your Favorite Halloween Tumblers

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My little baby Halloween heart is so happy right now.

You totally have to check these out!


Remember when we were kids, and we’d wait all year for those Halloween McDonald’s Boo Buckets?

Hold onto that thought.

You can now get McDonald’s (inspired) Boo Bucket Straw Toppers for that tumbler you carry around everywhere with you.

I’m serious! These are so stinkin’ adorable.


They look just like those Boo Buckets we went crazy for as kids.

There’s no way I’m not going to get one of each style!!


Custom 3D printed McDonald’s Boo Bucket inspired straw toppers. These are perfect for that extra pop of color or for when you want to add a little 90’s nostalgia [to] your drink!


These Boo Bucket Straw Toppers come in 3 different styles: McPunk’n Orange, McGoblin Green, and McBoo White.

You can choose to buy one for $6.99, or you can get the set of all three for $19.99.


Due to the nature of the 3d printing process, minor variations may be present in finish. Tumbler and straw not included.


The nostalgia is real with these Boo Bucket Straw Toppers. They are so cute!!

To get your own Boo Bucket Straw Toppers, just head on over to the KCByCarrico shop on Etsy.


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