Here’s A Bleach-Free Way to Preserve Your Pumpkins and Help Make Them Last Longer

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There’s a new trend floating around social media that involves preserving your pumpkins, and it seems pretty amazing on the surface.

The idea is to soak your pumpkins in a bleach mixture to prevent bacteria growth and to make them last just a little bit longer.

Sounds pretty amazing, considering we spend way too much on pumpkins every Halloween season, right?!?

But, hold up. Don’t try this trend just yet.

You have to think about the little critters that might come and take a nibble or two of those bright orange tasty Halloween treats.

Pumpkins are food for so many animals, from deer, to squirrels, to mice, to raccoons, to possums, to birds, and so many more.

We don’t want them getting poisoned by a tainted pumpkin on our watch, do we?!?

There’s a better way to preserve your pumpkin, and make it last all Halloween season.

How To Correctly Preserve Your Pumpkins

Instead of soaking your pumpkin in bleach, do this.

All you need is vinegar and water, and it will work just as well as bleach — and it won’t poison the little critters.

Here’s what you’re going to do.

Fill up your kitchen sink with water, and swish in 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water.

Scoop the insides out of your pumpkin, place it inside the vinegar mixture, and let it soak.

I don’t know how long. Just let it hang out in the vinegar water while you go stream your favorite Halloween movie on Netflix.

Then you can go about your business of cutting the pumpkin into a scary fun Halloween Jack O’ Lantern.

Place it on your front porch, and it will be totally safe for anything that wants to make it a quick snack.

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