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15 Important Things To Do Before That Ball Drops On New Year’s Eve

It is just a breath away from 2021, and while I can’t wait to say goodbye FOREVER to this dadgum pandemic of a year, there are a few things I want to do before I bid adieu to 2020 on New Year’s Eve.

I don’t want to make New Year’s Resolutions, as resolutions are quickly broken. What I want to do, is commit to a few things BEFORE the end of the year — BEFORE it’s resolution time.

15 Important Things To Do Before That Ball Drops On New Year’s Eve

Order Something From Your Friend Who Has Been Trying To Sell You Something

Your friend has been hustling to work their business, and it is part of their livelihood. Why not take a look at what they have to offer, and try them out. It might mean the WORLD to them.

Go Shop At A Small Business In Your Town

I can’t say enough how important it is to buy local when at all possible. Like your friend who hustles to sell their products, that small business is hustling to stay afloat — especially during these uncertain times.

Skip Amazon, and see if you can buy that product you need — whether it’s produce, clothing, paint, lotions, or WHATEVER — from a small business in your town.

Order A Tasty Dessert From That Local Bakery In Town

You might find a new favorite place to order that birthday cake this year!! Take a stop in a local bakery, and just look at what they have. If it’s anything like the ones near me, you won’t leave empty handed.

Between the cupcakes, the cookies, the turnovers, the fresh bread, and even the peanut butter balls, there is ALWAYS something to pick up to have for dessert — or if I’m honest, I eat it on the way home!

Donate To That Charity That Has Been On Your Heart

You know there’s at least one charitable cause that has tugged at those heartstrings. It may have been your local soup kitchen, that animal shelter commercial you saw on TV (dang you, Sarah McLachland), your local foster children’s outreach, or even that teen pregnancy outreach center you see on the corner everytime you drive by.

Choose a charity that means something to you, and donate whatever you can to the cause.

Read A Book

My sister HATES to read books — or I should say she DID hate to read books. She always thought she couldn’t sit still long enough to get through a book.

BUT, I gave her one of my favorite books, and made her read it. She committed to read a little each night, and before she knew it, she had finished the book.

You can do the same!! Choose something that interests you — a romance, a self-help book, a YA genre book, a post-apocalyptic thriller — there are SO many things you can choose from. Go for it!!

Try A New Recipe

It’s just cooking. Try it!! What’s the worst that could happen? I bet it will turn out better than you ever think!

You can start with something super simple — like these Cranberry Pinwheels. Or you can go big — like trying to Spatchcock a Turkey.

It’s just cooking. You can totally do it. Break the directions down, and just do one thing at a time. I want to see pictures!!

Transfer Some Money Into A Savings Account

This may seem harder than it really is. Even if you start by sticking 50 cents in a piggy bank — at least you are saving something.

If you can do more, GREAT! Stick any extra money you can into a savings account — or safe place — and DON’T TOUCH IT!!

Start An ACORNS Account

Acorns will automatically take a portion out of your account, as often as you request it to. So, I have them take $10 out of my bank account once a week, and then Acorns invests the money for me.

I did this all of 2020, and that is what helped pay for Christmas this year!!

Of course, if you are SMART, and leave the money in there, it will just grow. Then, when you want to retire, you can have a bit more of a financial cushion to rest on!

Perform A Random Act Of Kindness

This could be paying for someone’s groceries, mowing someone’s lawn, taking a couple packages of socks to your local homeless shelter (They ALWAYS need socks!), letting someone cut in front of you at the store, writing a positive comment on someone’s blog post, carrying in groceries for your elderly neighbor — the ideas are ENDLESS!

Pay It Forward

When you are at the fast food restaurant or coffee shop, pay for the person in line behind you. Don’t do it expecting a thank you, or some grand gesture of appreciation. Just descretly do it, and leave.

Send A Letter Of Encouragement To Someone

An Open Letter To The Meanest, Nastiest Moms On The Internet

Not an email. Send an actual letter through the post office. EVERYONE loves to get real mail.

Call Your Mom / Grandma

I don’t even have to tell you why this would be a good thing. Just call your momma or grandma, and talk for awhile. You will make their whole week!

Spread Only Positivity On Social Media

Take the last few days of the year, and just be nice. If you have something negative to say, just say it outloud to an empty room, and then let it go. You aren’t going to improve anyone’s life by being negative. Just keep it happy.

Clean Out Your Closet, And Donate The Clothes You Never Wear To A Homeless Shelter

If your closet is like mine, 3/4 of the things don’t ever get worn. Why not take out all those clothes that have been taking up space for the last few years, and donate them to someone that will use them!

Clean Out Your Pantry, And Donate That Non-Perishable Food You KNOW You Are Never Going To Eat

My pantry is also a bit stagnant in areas. I have bought veggies, soups, boxes of mashed potatoes, and other non-perishables that we are NEVER going to eat.

Before they reach their expiration date just clean out all that food that’s just sitting there, never to be touched, and donate it to a shelter or a soup kitchen that will definitely use them.