Netflix’s Newest Show Romanticizes Toxic Relationships and I Could Barely Finish It

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I am one that has encountered more than one toxic relationship in my life. So it is pretty easy to spot one these days. And good lord, did the ‘After’ sequel romanticize one all over again.


Don’t get me wrong, the movie was done beautifully. So much so, that it made me feel all icky inside that the leading lady was allowing her standards to be consistently dropped for a man.


That’s a big no-no for me. I have been there one too many times myself. Thankfully I learned my lesson. But for a younger and impressionable audience…not smart.


So overall this is a great movie because it makes you feel all the pain and struggles. But romanticizing any form of a toxic relationship is a no for me.


If teenagers or impressionable minds are watching it, and start yearning for that type of life, it can lead to such trauma.


It’s hard to give this movie a rating! I liked it in a sense that it was made so well, and it was a perfect sequel to ‘After’. And man, did it make you feel all the things.


The door was left wide open at the end for a third movie, so we shall see what happens next. Just be careful, especially if you have teens, when watching this. Please.


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