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Jojo Siwa Is Retiring Her Signature Bow. Here’s Why.

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This just in — Jojo Siwa is no longer going to wear her signature bows — this is not a drill, people!

Well, I mean, for the MOST part Jojo has decided to put her signature big-bow look down, and she is opting for a more natural style of hair.

I think I just heard an entire generation of tweens grab their hairbows and start sobbing.

Why has Jojo made this drastic stylistic decision?

She is an adult now, and it’s time to go on to adult types of things — I’m paraphrasing, here.

I just had my 18th birthday and it was right around my birthday that I realized, ‘I kinda wanna do my hair different today.

Jojo Siwa via People

I know, I know, she created the whole big-bow frenzie that captured almost every tween in the nation — and dare I say “world.”

Can she still be Jojo Siwa without her signature look?

Afterall, she has “worn a bow for obviously the last 18 years of (her) life” — it’s so crazy to think of her with “normal” hair.

The bow is still a part of my life. I still love bows, I forever will. They’re who I am, but maybe I won’t wear it every day.

Jojo Siwa via People

Jojo has had a BIG year — first coming out to the world, turning into an official adult on her 18th birthday, and then ditching the most recognizable attribute to her public persona.

Her mom asked her which was harder, “to come out to me or tell me that you wanna wear your hair different?”

Jojo hilariously answered, “It surprisingly was harder to tell you that I wanted to wear my hair different.”

So the good news, Jojo is growing and maturing, and she wants to do something different with her look.

The better news, we still might see Jojo sporting a big bow in the future.

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