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This weekend, my daughter decided she wanted to start a business.

She’s 5. (and the queen of making goofy faces)

She got serious about this, and quick. She took all her $ out of her piggy bank, before I knew it–I was at the store buying cupcake business supplies.

“How will you sell them?” I asked.

“I’m sure my grandparents will buy them,” she answered.

Smart girl.

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    1. @HWPetty, me too…what did people do before they had an iPhone? Carry their CAMERAS everywhere?!?

      1. @Jamie, I just said something similar to my husband when he asked me where the camera was and I stared at him blankly.

      2. @HWPetty, I am SO excited that they are coming out with the flash on the new iphone. I seriously did a little chair dance when I heard!

      3. @Jamie, LED flash AND HD video with iMovie!! iPhone 4 WILL BE MINE.

      4. @HWPetty, YES! I think I might actually stand in line outside an apple store… that’s how bad I WANTS IT

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