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Wait- May is Over Already?

Geez! May just flew by, and I didn’t even do an “all about May post. That isn’t like me at all.

So, here’s the big kicker for May–I sucked at blogging. Big time. Apparently when I give myself a little bit of a break and say I am only going to blog every other day, I take that to mean I can blog just whenever I want.

Well, that crap has to stop. You see, I love blogging. I love seeing comments because I am all ego-tripping like that. I love the perspective blogging gives me on life–I find the cool things each day and then get to come here and write about them! So–darn it all– I need to blog!

You hear me, people. The only thing I learned in May is that I can’t cut myself any Slack (haha that used to be my last name, you know).

And so–for the REST of June– you will see a blog post here every freakin’ day.


I Suck At Talking About Myself