I Suck At Talking About Myself

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Okay, blog-kateers, you may not know this, but I don’t really like talking about myself.

Well, that isn’t entirely true, I actually kind of love talking about myself when it’s like how *I* need to not eat that candy bar, or how *I* should probably start going to bed earlier–you know what I mean. I like to talk about all the things I should be doing in my life to make it more awesome.

So, when someone like, asks me to make a video bio of myself–I freeze.

What will I say? I can’t just complain about my nail color for an entire video…

Can I?

Okay, since that’s probably out, I need to come up with something awesome, something that represents me, and something that’s only two minutes long.


So, if you had to make a two minute video all about you–where would you start? How would you make it fantastic?

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  1. Good question! Anything about your writing would be good. Although I’d watch it if it was about your fingernail polish too. =)

  2. Talk about things you love. It’s always a great insight into someone’s personality. And it’s easier to talk about your passions, I think.

  3. Well, since you are good at WRITING about yourself you could always make up adorable “cue cards” and hold them up. Have a kick-ass song playing in the background. And show us all your pink streak.

    1. I realize that might’ve come across a little bit like you’re an egotist who just sits around and writes about herself… What I MEANT was, since you’re a GOOD writer, and you have a quirky (which I love) personality, you could do some really cute things with cue cards and whatnot.

  4. I usually start bios about myself with a play on my name–talking about how I want a pair of ruby slippers or my fear of tornadoes. It makes me relatable to someone that most people already like.

    From there I’d probably talk about what’s most important to convey in the video. If I’m making it a bio video about being a writer, I’d talk about how long I’ve been writing, what I like to write, what I do in the rare time that I’m not scribbling down notes, etc.

  5. I totally did make a two minuteish video about myself and I did it by making otherpeople talk about me instead of making me talk about me. It’s funny to hear what other people find definable and interesting about you because it’s never what you expect!

    1. @Martha Flynn, ohhh I could make the daughter do it… she’s WAY cuter than me.

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